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 In a desperate attempt to mend their troubled relationship, a Latin married couple seeks solace during an anniversary getaway. However, their plans take a sinister turn when their unsettling host unexpectedly becomes Serena's savior, rescuing her from a deadly anniversary weekend from her husband, Aaron.

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"Happy Anniversary" follows a devoted Latino couple, Aaron and Serena, as they embark on a weekend getaway to celebrate their milestone anniversary at a charming vacation cabin. After settling in, they unexpectedly encounter Brian, their friendly Airbnb host. Despite Aaron's growing unease due to Brian's frequent "accidental" intrusions, Serena dismisses his concerns as mere coincidences. As the evening unfolds, Aaron plans a beautifully romantic surprise for their anniversary before heading out for dinner. However, a shocking twist reveals that Serena has been drugged, not by the expected perpetrator. When she awakens, she finds herself bound and held captive. Aaron exposes evidence of her ongoing misconstrued betrayal and refuses to entertain her excuses. As he intends to follow the vows of their marriage, "till death do us part," he meets an untimely demise at the hands of an unexpected savior—Brian.

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Happy Anniversary has finalized its post production and has begun its festival circuit.

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Get to Know Us

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Stephanie is an Award winning filmmaker for "Hope You Feel Better" and has recently directed short horror,"Nose Goes". Stephanie also produced short film,"She Dead", starring Raven Goodwin and Antoinette Robinson.

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Luke's most recently completed jobs were; "Severance", "John Wick 3", "Lady Bird", and "Hunters" serving as D.I.T. Luke also was the DP and Camera Op for Award Winning short "Hope You Feel Better".


Kelsey most recently has been actively creative directing for music videos across the country. She also produced on award winning film short film "Hope You Feel Better". Kelsey is currently in pre- production for short film "Teach Me".


New York-based print and digital designer Ana Rojas creates high-profile promotional campaigns for Warner Bros./Discovery’s Food Network and Discovery plus brands.   Ana is also a passionate conceptual digital artist creating fantastical worlds through the use of video and still photography.

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