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My name is Stephanie Ruiz and IIII'MMM BACK! I have just about finished my last film's festival run and now I am in pre-production for my new short film. Phew! As I seek to grow in a male dominated industry I am looking to keep the moment going and push out more stories that represent women and latino's like me. 

Happy Anniversary will be my short proof of concept. This short film will be created for the purpose of finding investors for my future feature film. The psychological thriller, “Happy Anniversary”, follows a latino couple celebrating their 10th anniversary with a romantic cabin getaway, only to have their idyllic getaway take a dark turn when secrets from the past come back to haunt them.

We need $12,000! The rest of the film will be self funded, and applied to through grant opportunities (awaiting approval).

Funds will be allocated specifically to the following: 

  • Set/Film Location (1 home with exterior) 

  • Housing for film crew and cast (two 8-10 person capacity homes including set used for filming)


  • Director of Photography/Camera Operator (1)

  • Assistant Director (1)

  • Assistant Camera Operators (2)

  • Lighting Technicians (1)

  • Sound Mixer (1)

  • Grip Handlers (2)

  • Actors (3)

  • Editor (1)

  • Hair/Makeup (1)

  • FOOD and CRAFT services to keep our employees fed and happy

  • SET DEC/ART DESIGN/ PRODUCTION DESIGN (props/artwork/wardrobe choices/etc.)

  • Transportation; including toll and gas reimbursements, 1 applicable car rental for crew and cast travel. 

  • Film Festival Entries, Marketing, Distribution

The Impact

With the numbers of latino representation being so low in the entertainment industry, I aim to become a part of the new wave of diverse compelling stories we need to see in today’s society. Along with that I want to ALSO support the representation for female filmmakers and grow that community for a more accurate depiction of our stories.  


“The situation doesn't get much better behind camera, where only 1.5% of showrunners and only 1.3% of directors are Latino, data shows. In film, Latinos represented just 5.2% of lead actors and 5.1% of co-lead/ensemble actors. Only 3.5% of screenwriters and 2.6% of directors were Latino.”,2.6%25%20of%20directors%20were%20Latino

These numbers are extremely low considering latino, “… group represents nearly one-fifth (20%) of the total U.S. population and $2.8 trillion in total economic output”

Our Past Success 

Our last project, "Hope You Feel Better", with the help of our past donors was selected 17 times and still counting. "Hope You Feel Better" stands with 2 wins, 2 nominations, 1 Finalist (still pending), and 2 Semi Finalist's. We await decisions from 1 more festival to conclude our festival run.

Since then Stephanie Ruiz directed a short horror film, "Nose Goes", that was written and produced by Makayla Patton. "Nose Goes" has just started its festival run and has been now selected 4 times and still counting. 

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