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Filmmaking has been a passion of mine for the past 5 years for me. I have self taught mostly everything I know about writing, directing and producing. I did this because I believe in creating stories that are relatable and that I could physically see myself in and wanting to see more normality in that. Not every Latino story needs to be focused on the hardships of our lives, we are more than that. We are creative, fearless, and emotional beings with thrilling stories and most people don't get to see or understand. I want to be apart of that change in society even if its just making short stories that take you away for a couple minutes. In essence, my filmmaking is an exploration of identity, a celebration of diversity, and a call to action for a more inclusive future. Through relatable stories and strong visual narratives, I invite viewers to join me on a journey of discovery, connection, and entertainment.

Stephanie Ruiz

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